Trinidad and Tobago Golf Association leads the way!

More and more we are getting news reports of various acts of abuse towards children in our society. Many believe that while the phenomenon is not new the society is becoming more open and willing to deal with the perpetrators of these heinous acts.

In sport the reality is not much different. A recent survey conducted by the Caribbean Sport and Development Agency (CSDA) of sport stakeholders across the Caribbean region revealed that more that 80% were aware of some level of abuse towards child athletes. The survey also revealed that a higher percentage of these acts of abuse were committed by peers and the second highest incidence occurred with coach and adults around the sport.

On Thursday 29th February 2015, the TTGA ratified and adopted their Child Protection and Safeguarding Policy as part of an initiative supported by United Way TT and facilitated by the CSDA. The initiative seeks to build awareness of three (3) national federations and three (3) community clubs in Child Protection and Safeguarding issues in sport, establish policies within each organization and train dedicated persons to manage all reports and incidents of abuse within the organization.

TTGA is the first of those organizations to complete their policy and clear the way for training and implementation of child protection in Golf. The key elements of the policy provide guidelines for hiring of persons working with children and establish the actions to be taken in the event of a breach of any kind. President of the Association, Andy McEchrane indicated that he was pleased that the organization had gotten to that stage and looks forward to the policy's implementation. "This is certainly a great document and the St. Andrews Golf Club will ensure that it is effected" said Derek Gonzales who was representing the club at the meeting.